Thursday, March 10, 2016

To Live For

Increase Your Faith
Even if the entire world appears mad.

Act Upon Your Faith
Even if you must undergo the loss of everything.

Analyze Your Fears
You will find that things are not as bad as they appear.

Make Virtue The Only Goal Of Your Life
Dedicate all your enthusiasm, all your effort, your leisure, as well as your business.

Turn Away from Material Things
If you are greatly concerned with money you will be weak of spirit.

Train Your Mind To Distinguish Good And Evil
Let your rule of government be determined by the common good.

Never Let Any Setback Stop You In Your Quest
We are not perfect--this only means we should try harder.

If You Have Frequent Temptations, Do Not Worry
Begin to worry when you do not have temptation, because that is a sure sign that you cannot distinguish good from evil.

Always Be Prepared for an Attack
Careful generals set guards even in times of peace.

Spit, As It Were, In The Face Of Danger
Keep a stirring quotation with you for encouragement.

There Are Two Dangers: One Is Giving Up, The Other Is Pride
After you have performed some worthy task, give all the credit to someone else.

Treat Each Battle As Though It Were Your Last
And you will finish, in the end, victorious!

Don't Assume That Doing Good Allows You To Keep A Few Vices.
The enemy you ignore the most is the one who conquers you.

Weigh Your Alternatives Carefully
The wrong way will often seem easier than the right way.

Never Admit Defeat Even If You Have Been Wounded
The good soldier's painful wounds spur him to gather his strength.

Always Have A Plan Of Action
So when the time comes for battle, you will know what to do.

Calm Your Passions By Seeing How Little There Is To Gain
We often worry and scheme about trifling matters of no real importance.

Speak With Yourself This Way:
If I do what I am considering, would I want my family to know about it?

Virtue Has Its Own Reward
Once a person has it, they would not exchange it for anything.

Repent Your Wrongs
Those who do not admit their faults have the most to fear.

Life Can Be Sad, Difficult, And Quick: Make Make It Count For Something!
Since we do not know when death will come, act honorably everyday.

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